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vrijdag 19 oktober 2007

Viva Cuba!

From 18th till the 21st of October the Cultural Centre of Evere (Brussels) is hosting Viva Cuba! Festival of the Cuban Culture. In their words: "On the 20th October 1868 revolutionary Cubans, lead by Manuel de Céspedes, liberated the city of Bayamo. In hommage of this historic event, the 20th of October has been dubbed the 'Day of Cuban Culture'." During this week-end the Cultural Centre and the Friends of Cuba offer a series of films, two expositions, debates and musical evenings with a Caribbean touch.

On 27th of October the Iniciativa Cuba Socialista (ICS) is hosting Che Presente 2007 at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). The event celebrates the National Day of Solidarity with Cuba and commemorates the 40th birthday of the murder on Che. They will be providing several conferences, workshops and movies, as well as Cuban food, cigars and music.

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