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dinsdag 16 oktober 2007

Henry Rollins

What can I say? Henry is the man. I've never been a fan of his music especially. Not that he's made bad records as a member of Black Flag, and later with his Rollins Band, I'm just not that much into the whole rock, search and destroy thing. His spoken word releases on the other hand are the shit. I've seen him three times now and he never ceases to amaze and entertain me. Every time, he just gets on stage and speaks for two hours without interruption, dropping science and making me laugh. It's not stand-up comedy. He just tells stories of things that happen in his life or about stuff that bothers him. Sometimes he talks about serious stuff, but most of the time he's extremely funny. And the good news is, he's coming to town on the 24th of January 2008! Here are some samples of previous shows, just to wet your appetite:

On telemarketers:

William Shatner, Pt. 1

William Shatner, Pt. 2

Surreal Conversation, Pt. 1

Surreal Conversation, Pt. 2

Henry vs. Iggy Pop

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