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maandag 21 januari 2008

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

It is well known that the famous actor Tom Cruise is as sane as Caligula. For years now he has been Scientology's most ardent supporter and active campaigner. If being a scientologist doesn't spell madness in itself than his latest claims certainly do. There are a few videos circulating the net in which he states that he rescued America after 9/11, and that psychiatrists/psychologists should be jailed (since there are no such things as chemical imbalances they must be pseudo scientists).

Four years ago he has accepted the Freedom Medal Of Valor (for Achievement in the Field of Excellence). In his acceptance speech he asked the crowd "should we clean this place [the world] up?" According to the renowned German historian Guido Knopp, this scene is very reminiscent of the famous speech made by Joseph Goebbels on 18 February 1943 in Berlin, where he asked the crowd "do you want a total war?" (Bild Am Sonntag). Knopp warns us that Scientology is a dangerous sect for which we should all watch out because they want to install a totalitarian system with the aim of controlling people's souls.

What I have always found strange, is that a doctrine that states that aliens which we cannot see are here to help us save our souls, still has followers. Oh, wait, that's the basis of most religions. Let me rephrase: Why do people rather believe in what they cannot see, than in science (which has a higher probability rate since it is based on empirical evidence and doesn't claim to have the absolute truth) is beyond me.

Although scientologists have tried to suppress the diffusion of the above mentioned videos, there still out there. The madness of Cruise can be witnessed here. More info on Scientology itself can easily be found on the internet.

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