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vrijdag 4 januari 2008

Little Sis

My little sister came into my life, when I was 16 years old, at the age of 10 (almost 11). My parents wanted to help someone less fotunate than us. So, the they had decided they wanted to adopt. We went to Ha Noi (Viet Nam). There, we visited an orphanage. After drinking the traditional tea with the director, we were ushered to the courtyard, where a group of children (all girls) awaited us. Neither my mom nor I knew what was expected of us. We just said hi and stood there sheepishly. All of a sudden my dad said: "she's the one." Why her? He couldn't tell, it just felt right. Only last year, she told me that she was the only one who wanted to come with us. Why us? She couldn't tell ...

Now she's 22 and has grown into a confident young woman, who has just finished a bachelor of Law. But the most astonishing news she has told us at the end of 2007, is that she will be getting married May 19 on a boat in Ha Long Bay. This means that I will have to start seeing her as a grown woman. But in my heart she'll always be that little girl who stole my last smoutebol.

Baby sister, I wish you all that's good and I hope that your future husband will give you the world you deserve. I can't wait to see you as the beautiful bride you undoubtedly will be.

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Calypso zei

ik knipper hard om mijn misty eyes weg te werken...

zo lief berichtje en zo oprecht

bonne chance, Wartaal-zusje! tot op het galabal ;-)