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vrijdag 16 november 2007

Walloon revolution: much ado about nothing

The newly formed, unknown organization Front Bruxelles-Wallonie Indivisible (FBWI), or Brussels-Wallonia Indivisible Front, has launched an appeal to the French-speaking population in Belgium to stand up against the Flemish oppressor on its website Nouvelle Revolution (New Revolution). The scission of BHV was the last straw. Now the French-speaking Flemish, so to speak, have been deprived of their democratic right to vote. For Walloons that is. No point in us staying together anymore, let's break the country in two.

Up to now, they had two goals to reach. The first one was blocking all the Flemish workers from getting to their jobs in Brussels by blocking the main roads and train stations. This has been postponed. The second goal, was having a manifestation in front of the Flemish Parliament on the 15th of November, which is the King's Feast (a day in honour of the King and monarchy). The national press was there to see what would happen. Well, nothing it seemed. 45 minutes after the official start one guy showed up, who quickly claimed that he didn't have anything to do with the whole thing.

There is only one suitable reply to all this:

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