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woensdag 21 november 2007

Quarterlife: life and tribulations of tweeners

Quarterlife is an online series produced directly for the internet, by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the creative team behind My So-Called Life, thirtysomething, Legends of the Fall, and Blood Diamond. It "tells the ongoing stories of six creative people in their twenties. As with their earlier series, at the center of quarterlife is a commitment to realism, the recognition of universal human themes through the truthful depiction of the way young people speak, work, think, love, argue, and just goof around."

The show was originally conceived as a pilot for ABC, but it never got picked up. So, they decided to air it themselves online. The episodes are shown in 7 minute parts every sunday and thursday night, which can be seen on myspace and on the social networking site of the same name.

Only 4 episodes have aired so far, but it seems like a nice concept. Let's just hope that the story keeps up. Here and here are two reviews.

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