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dinsdag 4 september 2007


Here are some funny quotes posted on Fundies Say The Darndest Things:

This guy has way too much time on his hands:

"Do you actually think the FBI is going to stop looking for Muslim terrorists intending to set off suitcase nukes in order to stop me from sticking pro-morality bumper-stickers on cars belonging to faggots? [...] Have you ever seen that one bumper sticker that homos put on their cars that have the colors of a rainbow and say, "Celebrate Diversity"? Well, I've got some that look EXACTLY like it - rainbow colors and all - except the words say, "Eliminate Perversity." Since the stickers look so much alike, the homos wind up driving around with them on their bumpers for months before they finally notice the difference. What a hoot! Boy it's fun to be a Christian!"

Personally I'd rather not care if someone is straight or gay and judge someone on their merits as a good person or their professional accomplishments. But, it's funny though.

Here's another one:

"Some occultist tried to tempt me with a dream about pornography last night. I sent the dream back on him/her with eternal impetence. I can only imagine what that occultist must be going through right now. All that lust, with no release!"

Oh no, the horror! Surrounded by beautiful women with a rock hard dick, that stays like that because you're "in" the porn movie. The lull between shots, and the putting on of extra make-up and whatnot is something that happens "outside" of the movie you're in, which means it doens't affect you. And all the women that are with you are not interested in talking ... Even if it turns out to be a priapistic nightmare, where you can't stop even if you wanted to and you'll eventually drop dead of exhaustion or a cardiac arrest, you'd still go out with a smile they'll have to jackhammer off your face. People will gather around your open coffin at the funeral thinking you look peaceful and happy, wishing they could go like that.

Ummm ... I kinda got lost in thought there. I'll stop bullshitting now.

Just remember, keep it in your pants:

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