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maandag 10 september 2007

Fidel here we come !

Only five little days and my girlfriend and me are off to Cuba. We were planning on going for some time now, but there was always something that came in between. And then Fidel Castro got sick. He even relinquished his power to his brother Raul. The man isn't getting any younger, so his death can't be put off for ever. If we want to see the commie time-warp that is the revolutionary Cuba, we have to go before the Big Kahuna does.

We should arrive in Havana Saturday evening, which means that our first visits will be there. Afterwards we're going to visit the beautiful Vinales Valley (listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999). Then it's off to the historic city of Trinidad (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988). From there we'll probably do a few day trips to towns in the vicinity. Somewhere down the road we'll make some time to relax at a pearly white, palm tree covered beach. Let's just hope that we won't get in the middle of a hurricane, which is quite possible since now's the season for it. For now we're good, but it's best to keep an eye open.

If we can find some internet over there I'll be posting our adventures. I can't wait to see sixties cars, hear dope music, smoke cigars and drink rum all day.

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