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vrijdag 24 augustus 2007


This is my first blog. I hope you will enjoy it.

I tend to read a fair amount of books. The problem is that I'm under the assumption that uninteresting topics don't exist. As a result, my collection of books is somewhat ecclectic. Since I can't read everything, most of my non-fiction is historical literature, but since history covers most of what we have done ..., well you get the idea. As you can imagine I forget quite some details of what I've read because of the different subjects. Repetition works, so the initial idea for this blog was simply to write about what I've read. More as a mnemonic tool for myself than anything else.

Gradually the object changed somewhat in my mind. A friend of mine told me once that, in essence, everybody in the entire world is completely mad besides himself. And I think he's right, everyone is mad besides myself (this idea works for you as well). So, I'll be talking about the things that I see around me (in my personal life or in the world in general) that illustrate the madness of the human race. Don't get me wrong I'm no goody-two-shoes on a self righteous trip. I just feel it's a comforting thought to know that at least someone around here isn't crazy. The general madness of life can be sad, but mostly, it can be very amusing.

I'll try to post on a, more or less, regular basis, but I can't make any promises.

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[quote]I'm no goody-two-shoes on a self righteous trip[/quote]

Yehr, right; kent uzelf is what people say ;)

Madness, madness, they call it madness
Well if this is madness
Then I know I'm filled with gladness
It's gonna be rougher
It's gonna be tougher
And I won't be the one who's gonna suffer
Oh no, I won't be the one who's gonna suffer
You are gonna be the one, you