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donderdag 30 augustus 2007


I read an article this morning on Magic Mushrooms (Knack, vol. 37 nr. 35). Shrooms, as you well know, induce a hallucinogenic experience when eaten. The outside world looks distorted, in the sense that it changes your perspective. A bit like looking at something through a lens that focuses on one point. It’s a powerful trip that lasts from 4 to 8 hours (in general). Afterwards you need a few days to recuperate and to give your brain the chance to figure out what the hell happened. It’s a drug that confronts you with yourself. This implies that it is best to stay away from it when you’re not feeling well psychologically. Mostly, it’s also a good idea not to combine shrooms with other substances. If you keep this in mind you can have an amazing trip.

Recently however there has been some negative publicity about mushrooms. This teenage French chick jumped from a building in Amsterdam after taking them, among other incidents with foreigners. Most problems come from the English. Britons tend to come to the Netherlands to get wasted legally. But, as always, they overdo it. The minute their plane lands they start quaffing beer, then go to the coffeeshop to smoke some weed, and then to the smartshop for some mushrooms. Surprise, surprise, they get fucked up. Now there's talk of banning paddos. Let's hope that it doesn't come that far.
In Brussels some kid has been involved in a family drama. At first it was thought that he had eaten paddos. It’s not entirely clear what he has to do with the murder of his parents. One thing is for sure, his story doesn’t hold up. He might have been wasted, … or not. It seems very unlikely to me that you would kill someone while tripping, since you have no proper coordination of your body. He claims he didn't do it, although he was in or the near the place where it happened. It is known now that he didn't take any drugs whatsoever at the time of the murders. But the damage is done. Yet another link to 'drugs bad!' has been made in the minds of the public.

Immediately afterwards the youth detox center De Sleutel (transl.: The Key) was asked for an opinion. Although they have a lot of experience in dealing with addicts, they tend to say the dumbest things. Apparently shrooms cause dizziness, vomiting, mental instability and paranoia. The concerned parents hear this and they wonder how anyone would get involved with something as “dangerous” as that. What the good people of De Sleutel forget to mention is that you can have an awesome experience on shrooms. The same goes for other drugs as well. They always tell you what the negative effects are. Then some kid tries xtc, for example, and he has an amazing flash. As a result they don’t believe a word of what the counsellors are saying, and he will probably abuse, instead of use, his substance of choice. But hey, how would they know? In the interview about the drama, this woman from De Sleutel told us that “she was told” what the effects are. That feels to me like an IT technician who doesn’t use computers. I’m not saying they should try it all out, although something wouldn’t hurt.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I guess I feel that people should chill out more and stop going paranoid over everything that happens. Sometimes someone or something is to blame, and sometimes things just are. I just don’t trust people that get morally righteous. Most of the time it’s the anti-gay activist that pays for blowjobs by twelve year old boys in Thailand. My point is, I guess, drugs don’t destroy people, people destroy people. Most of the dope on the market can be used sensibly by sensible people (I’m not talking about crack or shooting heroine). A friend of mine summed it up by stating that “an addiction is not a problem as long as you can function in society”. This being said, magic mushrooms are certainly not addictive. The effect is too intense. Coke, xtc and speed are easy drugs. The flash you’re on is relatively mellow, whereas with mushrooms you go into a slightly different world for a rather lengthy period of time. In all fairness, not everyone can be trusted to act in a sensible manner. Honest information would help though. Also, it's probably best not to take anything before adulthood since your brain isn't fully developed until you're about twenty.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting now, just remember two things: firstly, whatever you do, moderation is the key. If you take some dope only a few times a year it’s not that big of a problem. Just don’t go bother other people when you’re on some trip; and secondly,

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