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vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Cooper & Chalfant's Subway Art & Style Wars

Subway Art is thé classic book about NYC graffiti that has influenced generations of graffiti artists and hip-hop lovers alike. Inside you'll find the masterpieces by the Kings of the Line, Dondi ( R.I.P. ), Blade, Lee, Kase, Seen, Lady Pink and a host of others. I just spotted on the blog of the Brussels hip-hop crew and record label Souterrain that there is an e-version. Actually there are several. The one you can find underneath stays close to the paper format, and can be read in an easy viewing page flipper. There is another version in a Scribd file (pdf kinda format), which kan be found here. For the actual reading the latter is a bit more clear, but also slower to load.

This book can't be seen apart from the classic documentary Style Wars, so I included that one too for your viewing pleasure.

Link if you want to watch full screen.

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