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dinsdag 26 februari 2008

Bunnies are evil!

MEMRI has translated another episode of the Palestinian childrens TV show "Pioneers of Tomorrow". After having killed off our good friend Farfour, they needed a new mascotte. Now the show features the Hamas Bunny Assud, who urges the viewers to - wach out children, there comes a big word - boycott Danish goods and threatens to kill Danes over the Muhammad cartoons. Apparently, we westerners don't understand the mercy of the prophet, which of course means we should die. The Danes have published the cartoons because, get this, the muslims aren't faithful enough anymore nowadays. No, the Danes published those cartoons because we, in the west, have fought (against the christians) for the right to laugh with anything and everyone. By the way, here are the cartoons. They claim that the prophet is filled with mercy, yet they themselves profess hatred and violence. Here are some more big words children: contradictio in termines. And no children, becoming a martyr is not an ideal to live up to. It would not make you more of a hero, it would just make you more dead. Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with these people? If I were a moderate, sane muslim the makers of these kind of programs would fucking annoy me for making me look like a lunatic.

Conclusion: bunnies are evil!!!!:

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